Ask 8 simple questions before writing your marketing strategy

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

When starting up in business, whether it’s a service or product you’re offering it’s an exciting time. So much so that enthusiasm for what you do makes it difficult to understand why people aren’t knocking down your door.

But before you launch into a potentially expensive marketing campaign there are a few simple questions that we will always ask clients before advising on a strategy. Once you have the answers the next steps are more obvious and always more effective.

  • How will your customer know they need you?

  • What is the process your customer takes to find your product/service?

  • Where do they look first?

  • How does your customer make the decision of whether or not to buy from you?

  • What do they need to see to know you’re the right choice?

  • Why would your customer choose your competitor over you?

  • Why would your customer choose you over your competitors?

  • How much is each new customer actually worth?

The answers will help frame everything you do, from developing your online presence (website, social media, business listing sites, digital advertising) to the more traditional channels (direct mail, trade shows, print). It will shape how you talk to them, what you talk about and how often they need telling. It’s about taking yourself out of your business and thinking like your customer. Once you understand their behaviours and what motivates them you might have to buy yourself a new door! 

As creative virtual assistants, we can help advise and support you marketing needs, so if you’ve answered these questions and need some help with the next steps, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch.