Meet some happy clients

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The Flower Lounge, Siân Wild

Jane and Helen at Queen Bee have been invaluable to my business. Nothing is ever too much trouble and everything is done to the very highest standard. They have taken on a wide variety of tasks for me and always come up with new and creative ways to get the task done. They are incredibly enthusiastic and always deliver tasks to the highest of standards. Jane and Helen have given me the support that I needed to allow me to focus on more important things like meeting new clients and actually running the business.

— The Flower Lounge, Siân Wild



Well, what can I say about the Queen Bee ladies? I sometimes think they understand our business better than we do! We’ve been working with them now for over two years and we couldn’t have progressed to the place we’re at now without them. They have so much energy and so many good ideas and they have really got under the skin of what we do and what we’re about – it’s so nice that we don’t have to spend ages briefing them, they just “get it”. They’re working on getting our social media in shape at the moment but they’ve helped us with so many different aspects of our business and are capable in so many different areas. We wouldn’t “bee” without them!!

— Little Belters, Claire O’Brien

Little Belters, Claire O’Brien

Melanie Cash Training and Consultancy, Melanie

I was introduced to Helen and Jane by another satisfied client of theirs and since working with them over two years ago now, their help and support has been invaluable. One of the great things about what they offer is that you can tap into additional support, creative ideas and marketing development in a very cost-effective way. They get to know you and your company and the provide a range of services to help improve what you offer and how you are seen by your clients and prospective clients and you literally pay by the hour for their specific skills. They helped develop my web site and are a constant support in developing it further and how I maximise the impact of my brand.

— Melanie Cash Training and Consultancy, Melanie CASH



We have been very lucky to have met Queen Bee at the beginning of our calligraphy business enterprise, Love Calligraphy. With their help, what was just an idea soon became a prosperous reality. Their expertise and professionalism guided us step by step all the way into marketing our business and the use of social media to get known and to reach a wider audience. We don't only strongly recommend them for its professional performance but also for their friendly disposition and approachability, these ladies are pure gold!

— Love Calligraphy, Alejandra Gonaldi

Love Calligraphy, Alejandra Gonaldi

Didsbury Arts Festival, Daniel Williamson

Queen Bee PA assisted Didsbury Arts Festival in writing and delivering a marketing plan for the festival on a pro bono basis. This was invaluable to the festival to get this level of support and professional expertise and extremely charitable of them to put time out of their increasingly busy schedule into supporting the charity. Jane and Helen are a pleasure to work with, reliable, energetic, full of ideas and willing to go that extra mile to get the job done.

— Didsbury Arts Festival, Daniel Williamson



Running a successful small business I was in need of some organisational and efficiency tips in managing my workload. In swooped Jane and after just a morning with her clarity, I felt less overwhelmed. I had some processes to trial and low and behold I now feel more ordered and in control. But she’s contagious. Once I experienced the benefits of using Jane, I realised there were more areas I could outsource. She’s a real lifesaver.

— La Concordia, Lesley Ann Birley

La Concordia, Lesley Ann Birley

Michael Taylor, Entrepreneur

When I was running my own small business, I needed some help getting some complicated listings organised and working out how and where to despatch goods. Helen was tremendous. It just got done, it wasn't without complications, but Helen contacted me when she needed missing bits of information, but otherwise just got on with it. It was a small operation where I just occasionally had spikes in workload where I needed help quickly. Life is sometimes like that. So, thank goodness for Helen and her team at Queen Bee.

— Michael Taylor, Entrepreneur



From the outset I was greatly impressed by Helen and Jane’s enthusiasm and commitment as they very quickly got under the skin of our organisation to really understand how everything works, before coming up with solutions. Working with Queen Bee has been a positive experience – I feel that they understand the sensitivities of our work whilst bringing with them not only their experience but also creativity and flexibility – coming up with a range of ideas and activities to help us get the right messages, in the right places, at the right time. It feels very much that Helen and Jane are part of our extended team and I look forward to continuing our partnership.

— Borough Care, Kathryn Farmer

Borough Care, Kathryn Farmer

Chocolate Collective, Louise Attenborough

I recognised I needed to launch another social media platform for Chocolate Collective. Not necessarily having the right skills/knowledge to do this myself I kept putting it off. Having Queen Bee PA as the administrators of my social media means that it looks so very professional with scheduled posts, events etc. Queen Bee PA are a real pleasure to work with. They are extremely efficient, professional and I really applaud their forward thinking approach to work. To say I am pleased to be working with them is an understatement. I would recommend anyone who is in need of marketing support to "stop putting it off" and embark on a relationship with Queen Bee PA - after all it means I can do the things I enjoy rather than the things I don't.

— Chocolate Collective, Louise Attenborough



Jane and Helen tackle all the aspects of marketing that I want to be able to do, but have to admit I can’t, as I simply don’t have the time. As such, the support they give me is invaluable and really takes the pressure off. Their input and proactivity ensures I continually drive the business forward which is so important for me as it’s incredibly easy to get swept up in the ever-growing tasks that that comes with running a busy boutique. They keep me on track, are self-starters and brimming with enthusiasm, which is exactly what I need.

— Love Bridal Boutique, Emma Draper