The art of delegation — time to take a new approach!

Queen Bee blog: Man with head in books

If you’re determined to find more time not just for your business, but also for your sanity (!), then Queen Bee could be the solution you’re looking for. It can be tough to find that elusive work-life balance but by mastering the art of delegation you can set yourself on the path to productivity…

Marketing tasks are often tasks that require constant attention, are repetitive or can be time consuming. Here are just some of the tasks Queen Bee can manage for you to relieve some of the weight sitting on your shoulders.


Blogging is a great way to engage with your audience, to offer them help and advice or prove your credibility in your field. It also helps your business become more visible online, it drives traffic to your website and it builds your brand. But they represent a commitment that can be hard to maintain, thinking of new things to write about it every month or week can be overwhelming and when the day job is busy, blogs can often lay forgotten at the bottom of the pile. Let Queen Bee plan, create and update your blogs, helping to drive new customers to your website every month.

Social media

Social media allows you to engage with your audience on a personal level and so is vital for injecting personality into your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to stay front of mind. Queen Bee can take on all the writing, planning and scheduling of posts to ensure consistent presence so freeing up your time to focus on genuine engagement – liking, commenting, sharing.

Event promotion

The venue may be perfect, the catering out of this world, and your products may look stunning but have the right people turned up? The success of any event is completely dependent on who you invite and how many of those guests actually attend. We can help you promote the event through a combination of activity across a variety of channels to give it the best chance of success.

Market research

Do you know what your customers think of your product? Do you know why some of your potential customer base prefers your competitor? Before you begin any marketing activity it is essential to know your audience and how your audience feels about your product. We can help you set objectives, plan, co-ordinate and interpret large scale research projects or help with that labour-intensive task of trawling through the internet looking at competitors.


Building a lasting relationship with your customers requires constant communication. A regular newsletter keeps your customers up to speed on your latest products, events and news. Whether you choose weekly, monthly or seasonally, it’s important you keep up any momentum to gain effective results.  If you’ve started and are struggling to keep up or don’t even know where to start – Queen Bee can help.


A good testimonial is more powerful than an advert. We are much more likely to use a product or service that has been recommended by a real person. But testimonials are often hidden on a website or in the back of a brochure. Celebrate the positive feedback you receive and make sure all your customers hear about it via blogs, newsletters, your website, social media and at events. We can help write up and publish your good reviews and help you maximise them by repurposing for Google and Facebook.

Leaflets, posters, literature

Do your marketing materials reflect your aspirations? Is your brand bold, unique and worth remembering? Marketing materials are a reflection of your product. What do yours say about you? Whether you need copy-writing, design, print management or the whole shebang, we can help you create something you’re proud of but more importantly, will work.

Queen Bee can take on all of this and more. Whatever your marketing needs or budget we have a model that can work for you. You can find out more about the services we provide and what our clients have to say about working with us here