Queen Bees Creating a Buzz…

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

Last Thursday night, Helen and I hosted guests at Pinchjo’s in West Didsbury to officially mark the launch of our new business. Throwing ourselves headfirst into our venture at the beginning of this year, it has been a hectic couple of months establishing ourselves both as a limited company and as a new kid on the block. We wouldn’t be here without the support of all our friends and family and so it felt extremely fitting for us to throw a little party to say thank-you for every bit of time and piece of advice passed our way.


The evening began with a welcome glass of bubbles, aptly with a dash of passion fruit as a nod to our brand colours, and a bit of mingling before we took centre stage with a short presentation about the dramatic impact hiring a PA can make. As well as embarrassing a few with special thanks, we gave everyone a whistle stop tour of our company and its premise, attempting to break some of the myths that go with being a virtual Personal Assistant. We also explained to everybody that we know our business will grow via recommendations and word of mouth so cheekily tasked them to be our worker bees and throw out a few seeds.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and an incredibly emotional one for us, seeing our nearest and dearest and recognising just how far we’ve come. It was also interesting to hear just how many guests were also in the early stages of business planning and eager to hear our story, proving the entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever in Manchester.


You don’t get many opportunities to make a song and dance about your business to such an attentive audience and it was phenomenal to hear the penny drop for many. In this day and age, 24 hours a day just simply isn’t enough and this is particularly true for businesses who find themselves tackling the admin and taking their eye off the business, or focussing on the business and letting the admin mount up. Hiring Queen Bee PA is effectively about delegating this work.


“I have ambitions to start up my own practice next year and have just realised how little I know about how to use social media, never mind developing a strategy!” Saskia Knight, Nutritionist


“My boss at work has a PA but he’s the most disorganised person, I know he would benefit from having someone managing his personal life” Anon ;o)


“It’s a no brainer for me, the admin needs to be done and I don’t have the time to do it!” Dr. Aoiffe Kilcommons, Happiness in Mind


…just the words we wanted to hear!


So thank-you one and all for all coming and for all the well wishes shared even from those unable to make it. We’re here because of you.


Take a look at our few pics from the night and share if you spot yourself!