Meeting of Minds

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

It’s along held belief (some would argue myth) that the population is divided by left or right-minded thinkers. Lefties (not necessarily to be confused with left-handedness!) are supposedly more logical, organised, planned and detailed whereas righties are purported to be more intuitive, emotional, visual and curious. Coming from an Advertising background, this division was often openly mocked and used to explain why account handlers couldn’t do a creative’s job and vice versa.

The reality is that everyone uses both sides of their brain; the right side might see the big picture, but the left is taking in the detail. Linking the right to creativity is a natural assumption; its characteristics of experimentation, playfulness and passion are at the heart of any artistic individual. But at some point, the right side needs the left to make any ideas a reality, to put pen to paper, to understand the process of making it happen, to stop ideas becoming wandering dreams.

That’s not to say one side doesn’t dominate and for right-minded thinkers, tapping into the logical and detail-orientated talents of their left-side is more of a challenge (or an unwanted distraction!). And that’s why in an agency world, you needed the client service department as well as the creative department. We were the ones who worried about the deadline, the budget and the physical process of getting ads made.

Now with Queen Bee PA, my role is often the same, to help businesses concentrate on being creatively brilliant, squeezing the left for all its worth, while Helen and I connect with the right and make it happen. On time, on budget and with minimal fuss.

Let us introduce our right to your left over coffee sometime, get in touch!