How to Outsource and Maintain Control of Your Brand

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

A key issue, that comes up whenever we meet a new client for the first time, is how to keep control of their brand when they outsource. It’s understandable. Having spent a long time nurturing and building a brand, business owners don’t want to lose the tone of voice and individuality their customers know and trust.

But we promise you, it doesn’t have to be this way. Call us biased, but we think outsourcing content creation can actually be beneficial to a businesses brand, helping it to evolve and grow, while freeing up time for business owners to get on with the job of running their business.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with some top tips for outsourcing content creation whilst still maintaining control of your brand.

Step 1 – A Thorough Onboarding Process

No, I’m not talking about Star Trek, this is about getting the basics right before jumping in. When you’ve chosen your content creation specialist, the last thing you should do is start briefing content in straight away. It’s important that you share your marketing and brand strategy (if you have one), as well as communicating your preferred house style. Discuss how you want things to look, sound, and key messages. This process does require some of your time, but this initial investment will pay dividends when the content you receive is bang on brand.

Step 2 – Create a Content Plan

By taking the time to work with your content specialist to create a content plan you will know exactly what is being written over the coming weeks and months, allowing you to take a step back (although more about that in the next step) whilst feeling reassured that what is being produced is consistent and authentic. We recommend mapping topics and dates for blogs, e-newsletters and social media channels; it doesn’t have to be overly comprehensive; a brief outline and deadline will suffice.

Step 3 – Checks and Processes

Outsourcing, then walking away, can lead to problems. If you’re concerned about the content you commission being on brand, then agree how you’re going to review and approve content before it is published. This process does require some collaboration and input. However, in the long run, it’s quicker to provide a brief, comments and to approve content that someone else has written, than it is to do it all by yourself. Over time you’ll feel more confident to let go and these checks and processes can be relaxed.

Step 4 – Give It Some Time

In the early days of your outsourcing relationship there will be a learning curve, where you may have to spend some time feeding back to get content that really reflects you and your business. However, if you get Steps 1 and 2 right, your content specialist will already be immersed in your brand and will get to grips with things far quicker, meaning you’ll start to see results you crave. In fact, once this initial outlay of time is done, you’ll begin to see how outsourcing is freeing up your time whilst still delivering the content you need.

Step 5 – Adding Value

Outsourcing your content creation can really add value to your brand. A fresh perspective and some brand-new ideas can help it to evolve in to something bigger and better than you ever expected. And, if you’re a one-man band, it can be so useful to have someone to collaborate and brainstorm with…2, 3 or 4 heads are better than 1! Outsourcing also means that you get all the expertise, knowledge and skills of a content creator without having to pay the overheads of an employee. So, what are you waiting for?


If you’re prepared to relinquish a little bit of control in order to take back full control of your business, then outsourcing could be just the answer you’re looking for. Whenever you’re ready to have those initial conversations, Queen Bee will be waiting in the wings, ready to help you get your buzz back.