Getting your piece of the PA action!

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

A study by Avery UK revealed that ‘a PA is your most valuable employee’ and the findings have garnered reasonable momentum with national press coverage and commentary this week. We wholeheartedly agree with the conclusions that Fiona Mills, Avery UK’s Marketing Director, draws;

‘There’s a lot that many of us could learn from PAs, from their interpersonal skills to their passion and enthusiasm. We would go as far as to say that PAs are one of the biggest personal assets to an organisation – they are positive, intuitive, willing to go the extra mile and can often adapt quickly to new tasks with little or no training. It’s a desirable skill set for any employee to have. If there were more staff in the office with these traits, it could mean a more productive, efficient and enjoyable workplace.’

Well we would wouldn’t we?

But that’s all very well when you’re in a reasonable-sized company where PA or Executive Assistant support for senior management is common-place. But how do the small and micro businesses get their share of the organisation, intuition and can-do attitude? How can they possibly just get through today’s tasks let alone face their growing to do list or find a better way of working?

The answer is quite simple, go virtual. By tapping into a virtual assistant, you’re let off the hook in providing equipment, software, a chair even! You can avoid training and HR hassles and rather enticingly, you can just pay for the time you need, with no obligation to ‘just find them something to do’.

Most importantly, by outsourcing your administrative requirements you’re acknowledging that your time is better spent elsewhere, adding value to your business. And with all their experience, enthusiasm, passion and desire to please, the real bonus of taking on a VA? You get to add a truly ‘valuable employee’ to your team too.

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