Blast the size of your inbox in 5 minutes

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

Being hassled by IT to reduce the size of your inbox? Or is your computer regularly reminding you you’re reaching your limit? Clearing inbox’s can be a real pain and a time-consuming task and one that most people avoid. But there comes a time when you have to do it and usually just when a deadline is looming and your email’s refusing to send.

So here’s our quick-fix, 5 minute solutions to making a dramatic impact to your inbox size.


1. Organise your inbox by size

Largest first enables you to quick scan those emails taking up the most space because of large attachments. Save the attachments and then delete. Do this in your inbox, sent and deleted folders

2. Organise by sender

Do a quick scan and delete all those you know instantly you don’t need; all promotional emails, emails from colleagues or suppliers that, by name, you recognise you won’t need. Again, apply this to inbox, sent and deleted files.

3. Don’t forget Deleted

Tackle your deleted folder last because all those emails and large files have simply been transferred here.

There. Enough space to crack on.

With more time…

4. Unsubscribe

To reduce the speed with which your inbox fills up, unsubscribe from promotional and news emails that you no longer need or use, especially if you simply delete them on sight!

5. New habits

Don’t use your inbox as a filing system. Action and delete. Create folders to store important emails, keeping your inbox clear and manageable. Set aside time, once a month to implement the 3 quick methods explained above.

Now get on with that deadline!