9 Signs you’re reaching a cross-roads with your business (and how you can choose the right path)

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

Reaching a crossroads? Delegate before it’s too late.

Starting out in this business I fully expected to meet people who were crying out for assistance, pulling their hair out in frustration or buried deep in a paperwork hole. What I didn’t expect was to come across individuals who had started to fall out of love with their business and arrived at a real crossroads in deciding its future. Yet it’s becoming a regular occurrence and interestingly it’s commonly because they have just left ‘it’ that bit too long.

The admin they’ve ignored is now pecking at their head daily but the task just seems too overwhelming and they’re questioning if it’s worth it.

The marketing ideas they were so enthusiastic about when they started out have gathered dust and seem more of a headache than an opportunity.

Everything just feels like a huge effort, which is why they are meeting with us; to see if delegating some of the work can get them back on track, but the conversation is dominated by them asking whether they should even bother.

Recognising the signs before you get to this stage is crucial. Our enthusiasm and eagerness is working to inspire and motivate these individuals but outsourcing earlier in the process could save months of questioning.

Here are some common signs that might indicate you’re approaching the same crossroads and it’s time to take control of the wheel:

• Your heart sinks when you receive a new enquiry. Its good news right? So why is all you can think about the hassle of setting them up on the system?

• You dread networking. You don’t have time to attend the events never mind the one to one’s and they don’t really work for you because you never get chance to follow up.

• You’ve lost enthusiasm for your business sector. There was a time when you’d lap up articles, research blogs, attend seminars and actively pursued key influencers on Twitter. Now any time for yourself is spent collapsed on the sofa watching Gogglebox and you actively avoid anything that reminds you how behind the trends you are.

• You know you could do it, but you don’t want to. You’re approached by someone wanting something left of field. Normally, this would excite you – new challenge, skills expansion – but instead it feels like hard work and a sapper of precious time.

• You’re easily distracted. You’ve resolved that today is the day you’re going to get on top of ‘it’ but what’s that? The postman? Better go and check… Ohhh, Jill’s commented on my Facebook post, which reminds me, I need to get a birthday card for Jill, I might just nip out now and get one…

• You’ve started day-dreaming what a 9-5 job would feel like.

• A new competitor arrived on the scene 2 months ago and you didn’t know.

• You’ve forgotten the last time you had a night off. Truly had the night off, where you didn’t check Twitter, write a list or respond to an email.

• You’re day/week has no routine or structure – how much you achieve (or don’t) is down to pot luck.

If you recognise yourself in any of these, take a minute and think about how you were when you first started out in business. You can find that optimistic ‘I-can-achieve-anything’ self again if you recognise what’s holding you back or weighing you down and delegate it. Give yourself a chunk of time back, breathe and choose the path signposted onwards and upwards!

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