5 ways Valentine’s Day could inspire your marketing tactics

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

Valentine’s Day may not be obviously relevant to everybody’s business but we think every business can learn a lot from the principle of the day.  Showing someone you care shouldn’t necessarily be restricted to just one day of the year, so here’s our top 5 sure fire ways to share the love and market your business.

Take them to dinner

When was the last time you took a client out for lunch or coffee, just because?  Forget needing an agenda as an excuse to meet, just catch up.  Strong relationships are such a vital part in retaining and growing business, but we often forget to do what humans do best; interact.

Offer them chocolates

In the spirit of treating the customers you love, offer them a little something extra when they shop with you this weekend.  It could literally be a little chocolate while they browse, a free gift with their purchase or a few samples to encourage them to try something new from your range.  The point is to make them feel valued with the added benefit of getting them to browse for longer, spend more or add something new to their basket.

Write them a card

The written word goes a long way to showing someone you care.  Whether it’s just a little thank-you note to recognise their loyalty, a personal invite to an exclusive preview or a discount card incentivising lapsed customers to visit again, putting the effort in to make it feel genuine and from the heart will reap rewards.

Send them a surprise delivery

It could be flowers, especially if your most valuable clients warrant more of a grand gesture, but really any surprise is well-received, especially if it’s beautifully packaged and a treat.  We loved the recent campaign by Hey Little Cupcake, sending an influential group of customers around Manchester samples of their Valentine’s cupcakes and building the hype on social media – genius! And gorgeous!!

Give them a shout out

Use social media to recognise your customers or clients personally.  Everyone loves to be acknowledged and the likes of Facebook and Twitter are a perfect tool to make that recognition public – plus you might get a few shares off the back of it.  Consider running a competition over Valentine’s weekend for your engaged followers or picking purchasers at random to reward.

Roses are red, violets are blue, we’ve given you the ideas, now it’s up to you!