The No. 1 Secret of Organised People

The secret of organised people

The secret of organised people


We’re often complimented on our organisational skills; who knew “I wish I was as organised as you” would be a phrase that would make us feel so proud!?

We have been this way since we can remember, introducing systems to the way our toys were stored, putting tapes (revealing our age!) in alphabetical order and volunteering to tidy up the arts cupboard in school break time.

Many would argue it’s a genetic trait, but I actually believe it’s a skill which can be learned and that anyone can genuinely achieve effective levels of organisation.

It just requires one magic ingredient.  The source of all organised people’s power.  An easy trick that, once discovered, will turn even the most chaotic of brains into an organisational master.

What is it? THE LIST.

Yep, it’s that simple, but it’s the foundation of organisational greatness.

Once everything is written down, things suddenly stop being forgotten and tasks quickly begin to look manageable.  There are less surprises and an overall sense of being in control.  The effect can be quite soothing, as the author takes great comfort and security from their listed world.

More importantly, with each task that gets crossed off, an addictive wave of accomplishment washes over you with such power that you’re compelled to tackle the next item on the list, kick starting a drive that is key to the long term benefit of the to do list.

Life is more straightforward because hey, guess what? You’re organised.

I recommend you try it.  Pick yourself a lovely notebook and begin.  At first, I would suggest a brain dump; a master list which details everything that needs achieving in the long-term and everything you need to clear your brain of all its clutter and chaos.

From there develop a weekly list which considers everything that needs to be achieved across the next seven days and then whittle these down to daily lists that itemise the tasks that have to get done that day.

Everyone has their own tools for list making. I personally love Knock Knock Stuff’s range of list stationery, both for their humour and their practicality.  But at Queen Bee, we’re also huge fans of Trello and Evernote on our iPhones for project tracking and scrapbooking-style functionality.

Whichever method you choose, the key to success is:

  • Cross off your accomplishments and give yourself the recognition you deserve so you stay motivated

  • Stay specific and keep it simple. Think ‘Walk 6,000 steps’ rather than ‘Be fitter’

  • Give your lists daily And I mean every. single. day.

And then you’re off. Welcome to our world…

P.s. If you find that master list has filled your notebook and you actually feel worse about all you have to do, then it might be time to call in the cavalry. Get in touch and we’ll happily meet to review your list and suggest what we, or others, can tackle for you…but you still get to cross it off; we don’t want to take away all the fun!

Helen Burton