19 ways to reignite your social media in 2019

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

January is the perfect time to reignite your interest and passion for something that has waned in 2018. And social media is a great place to start! It’s all too easy to keep pushing this pesky job to the bottom of the list as the day-to-day grind, walking the dog and even buying Christmas presents takes precedence. Well, no more! This January is the perfect time to reignite your own interest in social media, reignite that account you’ve allowed to lapse or reignite your quest for more followers – it’s a sure-fire way to see your business flourish in 2019.

  1. Verify your Facebook account – consumers want to know you’re the real deal, this simple (for you) process means they can trust it’s a real business and real person they are communicating with.

  2. Update your Facebook cover photo – it refreshes your page and with the right settings sends an auto update to your followers which often gets likes. By committing to doing this monthly you will be connecting with your customers in a new way and keeping your page up to date and on brand.

  3. Plan! Your social media should be a mix of proactive and reactive, it’s very difficult to fly by the seat of your pants and expect results.

  4. Less is more – don’t spread yourself too thinly by over-committing to too many platforms. Decide what works for you, which platform your target audience uses and which channel you enjoy updating.

  5. Experiment with new features – try special effects, video, stories, tags – this will help make your social media channel less one-dimensional and add points of interest for consumers.

  6. Have a go at stories – it’s a fun thing to do, gets you in front of an audience of 200 million people and people who don’t follow you can see your stories too, opening you up to a massive database of potential customers!

  7. Have a go at Facebook Lives – typically they get three times the level of engagement than pre-recorded videos, and they are a great way for a consumer to connect with your brand on a human level.

  8. Review your social media profiles and check they’re up to date – by filling in a few gaps on Facebook you can push your quality rating up meaning you get ranked higher in searches.

  9. Get a fresh new profile pic – people love to see faces, but if your photo isn’t projecting the right image, perhaps it’s time to invest in a professional one.

  10. Commit to groups – it’s an opportunity to reach like-minded people and a great support network. Plus, a smaller sphere means higher visibility for your business resulting in new customers and brand ambassadors.

  11. Curating content adds value to what you share with your followers. It’s easy to alienate customers with too many self-promotional posts. Rather, you should look to share articles, events, tips and topics that you think your audience would find interesting. Commit to finding and sharing these more regularly for better engagement.

  12. Engage – it’s called social media for a reason! Like, comment on and share other people’s posts and low and behold, others will start to do the same!

  13. Cull – when was the last time you reviewed who you’re following? How many feeds do you have to scroll past on Twitter to see anything of interest? Don’t be afraid to be ruthless – time is limited, make sure you’re getting to the stuff you need fast.

  14. Try Twitter lists, it’s a great way to organise the vast community of your Twitter account for fast access to specific networks such as those in the same profession, your client base or your network groups.

  15. Build your reviews – if you have positive testimonials, they aren’t working hard enough for you on your website (or in your drawer!) – ask your clients and customers to rate you on Facebook, 81% of consumers purchasing decisions are influenced by friends’ recommendations and posts! (source)

  16. Boost some of your Facebook posts, not all of them, just the ones that will be most useful to you. For example, if you’re offering a discount by opting into a newsletter, this will help you widen your customer base and worth that boost!

  17. Promote your social media platforms – add the details to your signature, business cards, website, presentations – everywhere! Make it easy to people to find and connect with you.

  18. Run a competition – a simple timeline promotion is a great way to get your fans interacting with you and with each other – and you only need to give away a small value prize to get people interested.

  19. Try a social media scheduling tool such as Hootsuite or Buffer – means you can schedule weeks in advance, so it stops being a daily distraction.

You could make it your New Year resolution to try two, four, eight or even all of these suggestions, and enjoy your passion for social media igniting as your customer base grows and you begin reaping the benefits of an efficient, organised and proactive social media presence. However, if this seems like an impossible task to you, please don’t keep putting it off, get in touch with Queen Bee and we can help make 2019 the year you tackle that nagging guilt about social media.