Ideas need action!

You have the creative ideas, the marketing plan looks great... Now what?

It’s action time! As creative virtual assistants we pride ourselves on the right mix of imagination and resourcefulness – getting things done is in our blood. Turning your ideas into actionable steps, setting a time frame and delivering them, means you can finally start to realise your vision and reap the benefits.

How we can get stuck in:

Conquer your to-do list

Feeling bogged down or overwhelmed with just the everyday tasks involved in running a business? Or are you a swan? Presenting a calm and successful presence to the outside world, but underneath paddling like hell and wondering how on earth you’re going to survive? We can take on those regular tasks or processes that could lighten the daily load or tackle some of those one-off projects that keep being pushed to the bottom of the to-do pile, but never go away…

With Queen Bee, it’s not only about saving you time, but we’ll also bring our skill, experience and understanding. Is there a more productive way to get the job done? Let us delve in! We love a good challenge.

Here’s where the Bees can help:


If you feel like you may have just found the answer to your prayers, then contact us to find out more. We can work on a retained basis with packages starting at 10 hours a month or we can get our teeth stuck into that one-off task you keeping putting off until tomorrow… Let us help you mark it with that satisfying tick!


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