Queen Bee scores new client FC Bluestar

Louise Attenborough, Chocolate Collective

We kicked off our working relationship with FC Bluestar at the back end of 2018, after being approached by Chairman Andrew McIntyre on the FC Bluestar side lines - Helen is a regular fixture there, bacon butty in hand, supporting her son.

Andrew set up the club in 2006 with the founding principle that everyone can play. No ‘A’ Teams. No screaming from the side lines. No win-at-all-cost coaches. It’s a kids’ club that happens to play football, not a football club that plays kids.

Since then, the club has exploded! Parents and kids love the FC Bluestar ethos and they now have over 300 members, and over 40 different teams, all run by volunteer coaches.

As you can imagine, it was difficult to keep up with demand. Ensuring that every child was registered and paying their subscription was a huge task, but essential for the club to cover running costs such as pitch hire and insurance. The FC Bluestar website also needed an overhaul to ensure it provided for the club’s growing membership.

Time to bring on the super subs! They needed help with productivity, organisation and processes which just so happens to be our speciality 😉. We needed to make an impact and fast; an administration system that worked and a new, modern website that promoted the club and where members could sign up or renew subscriptions quickly and easily.

We had an initial meeting in September 2018, and less than three months later; had implemented new procedures, got over 40 members registered and paying their subscriptions, and, working with talented web designer Triple7, we created a website which launched on Christmas Eve…phew!

It was a busy 3 months, but getting the club back onto solid ground was really rewarding. We continue to provide administration and organisational support, as well as exploring other ways we can help support the club.

A successful, thriving, growing business is every owner’s dream scenario, but, if like FC Bluestar, the dream is turning into a logistical nightmare, it could be time to call in the Bee’s. We’re here to help businesses grow, combining creativity and productivity so you take back control and achieve more.

Whenever you need that assist to score the wonder goal you’ve been dreaming of, we’re ready and waiting.  We can only apologise for the appalling football puns…