Winners! North West VA of the Year 2017

VA of the Year 2017

VA of the Year 2017

“You’re live on speakerphone, please do not swear”

These were Jo’s (Executive VPA) words to us as I answered my phone from a rather glitzy sunbed in the south of France. Enjoying a much-needed girl’s weekend away (yes, we may be business partners, but Helen and I are still best mates!), we were sadly unable to attend this year’s North-West VA Conference where the results for VA of the Year are announced. But that didn’t mean we weren’t still on tenterhooks…

“We’re pleased to tell you, you’ve won North West VA of the Year 2017!!!!”

Cue lots of squeals, giggles and many raised eyebrows from the sunbathers around us! What brilliant news. After coming runners up in 2016 (albeit to the phenomenal Curlew Secretarial Solutions), we were nervous to say the least, with me continuously checking the phone, desperate not to miss a call. But obviously we were delighted.

The judge’s comments seem a bit hazy now, but the general gist was that our offer was distinctive, well promoted and backed up by solid processes and systems, not to mention results for our clients. It feels so good to be recognised for all that we do.

Since Helen and I set up Queen Bee in 2014, we have never wavered from our desire to provide a slick, professional and efficient service. In fact, our name came from the ultimate queen bee of the office, Joan Holloway of Mad Men fame. Her unflappable style and ability to remain one-step ahead was a model we strive to achieve in our service to all clients (we’re still working on the witty one-liners!). So, for the industry to recognise that we are achieving what we set out to do, simply feels brilliant.

Needless to say, the wine was corked, and the afternoon became a bit of a blur, but how fantastic to celebrate such incredible news, sipping bubbles with your amazing partner in crime, overlooking the stunning Nice sunset.

We must also say congrats to Pam from All Things Sorted who was this year’s runner up and now…well, roll on the Nationals!!!